An Alternative Lawn

Looking for a different type of lawn?  Firstly, you need to consider how much pedestrian traffic the alternative lawn area is going to receive and whether it is a sun or shade position, as this will decide which lawn alternatives you can use.

Kidney weed 'Dichondra repens' This is a very hardy native ground cover that grows in sun or shade.

Native violet 'Viola hederacaea' A native ground cover that will only tolerate very light traffic. It thrives in moist semi-shaded to shaded positions. Purple and white violet flowers appear throughout the year.

Temple Grass 'Zoysia tenufolia' There are now a variety of Zoysia cultivars that are available from turfing companies and garden centres. ‘Zoysia ‘Augusta’, ‘Empire Zoysia’ and ‘Nara Native Zoysia’. Nara native is an Australian form.

Dwarf Mondo 'Ophiopogon' This dark green low growing Mondo grass is great between pavers and as a lawn alternative. It is slow growing and looks best in partial shade.

Mazus Fairy Dust 'Mazus repens' This delightful ground hugging ground cover will take moderate to light traffic and has either mauve or white flowering forms. It is hardy and is suitable for full sun to semi-shade.

Star Creeper 'Pratia' This is a Blue and white flowering creeper, this tiny-leaved groundcover grows completely flat to the ground. It will tolerate light foot traffic and semi-shade. Great for borders and between pavers.

Kidney WeedNative VioletTemple Grass

Dwarf MondoMaus Fairy DustStar Creeper

Other choices

  • Sagina “Irish moss’
  • Myoporum parvifolium ‘Creeping boobialla’
  • Isolepsis cernua ‘Fairy lights grass’
  • Themeda ‘Mingo’
  • Dichondra ‘Silver falls’

Herbal lawn choices

  • Chamomile lawn
  • Oregano
  • Pennyroyal
  • Creeping thyme
  • Corsican mint
  • Chocolate mint

Mowing and how to grow?

Specific details will depend on plant species chosen but like any typical lawn, you will need to prepare soil well before planting, fertilise during the growing season, monitor watering and trim as required.

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