AniStraw joins the Rocky Point range!

Say hello to the newest product in the Rocky Point Animal Bedding range...

AniStraw - Straw Animal Bedding

A sustainable by-product
(and that's just one reason to buy this product!)

An affordable by-product of Rocky Point's green sugar cane harvest, AniStraw Animal Bedding is good for the planet, and your hip pocket! Ideal for creatures great and small AniStraw can be added to your garden compost after your animals have added their soil improving contribution!

AniStraw has been screened and dust extracted making it a soft, comfortable material for your pets to bed on.

AniStraw is a fantastic moisture absorber, capable of absorbing four times its weight in water. It is a sustainable product that smells and looks great.

AniStraw makes a fantastic alternative to traditional Wood Shavings, and is readily available to order now. If you're interested in stocking AniStraw, please contact us.

You can find all of the product information including how-to's for AniStraw here.

AniStraw Animal Bedding by Rocky Point - a great product for your animals, your budget, your garden, and the environment - why wouldn't you buy it? 


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