Plant Profile: Asparagus

A perennial member of the lily family, Asparagus is a relatively easy grower in most areas, and will continue to produce year on year out once it’s well established.

PP-AsparagusYou’ll need to leave asaparagus for around 2-3 years to establish before considering your first harvest. This allows a strong root system to develop. They will however continue to produce for 15-20 years, so it’s well worth the wait!

Sunlight: A sunny position is best and ensure it’s free from strong winds.

Watering: Water regularly in warm conditions, and while plants are young. As they age, they will be more water wise on their own.

Soil: Asparagus loves a rich friable soil, so add plenty of organic matter prior to planting. If you do have a heavy clay soil, consider the benefit of mounding fresh soil up to plant in instead.

Feeding: Asparagus is a very hungry feeder and will love lots of well composted cow manure like Cow Manure Plus prior to planting, but also feed every 6-8 weeks with handfuls of Poultry Manure Fertiliser Pellets.

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