August in the Garden

We are now in the final month of Winter. August is a fabulous month in the garden as the signs of spring come to life before us.

The gardens in southern parts of the country are beginning to wake from their winter slumber as the deciduous trees begin to come to life. The first of the buds are beginning to open and the bare branches will soon be covered with the spring blossoms as the landscape is transformed into a spectacular showcase of spring colour and freshness. Now is the time to fertilise as the new season begins. A generous application of an organic fertiliser such as ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets will ensure excellent results as the abundance of life returns. Mulch around your trees without mulching up the base of the tree. One of Rocky Point’s range of quality mulches will be perfect for the task.

Deciduous Magnolias are a standout in late winter and early spring. There are more than 200 species of magnolias including both deciduous and evergreen varieties. The flowers of the deciduous varieties appear early on the bare branches and trees are covered with a magnificent display of fresh colour as they announce that spring has arrived.

Winter Pruning

If pruning of deciduous ornamental and fruiting trees is required, there is still time to complete this project before the spring arrives.

Roses should also be pruned and this can be completed now if it has not yet happened. Roses are just beginning to produce new growth and pruning will have the rose bushes nice and compact with lots of beautiful blooms to delight the senses. There are still lots of new season’s roses available for planting.

Summer flowering shrubs can also be pruned now and will soon be covered in lots of fresh new growth as the spring arrives.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs are pushing their way through the cool winter soil ready to explode into colour. Many garden retailers have a great selection of potted flowering bulbs. These are great potted features indoors while they are flowering. Once flowering is complete, they can be planted in the garden to enjoy for years to come.

Winter Colour

There are many plants that add colour and brightness to our winter days. Japonica Camellias are covered in big full buds and beginning to burst open. Azaleas are loaded in buds with early flowering varieties beginning their colour displays. Pansies, polyanthus, primulas, dianthus and violas are looking great in gardens, pots and hanging baskets.

Diosmas, Brachycomes, daisies and Hellebores are just some of the many shrubs flowering now.

Hellebores have long been a favourite in the winter garden. They are easy to grow in southern areas and in cooler elevated northern regions of the country. Hellebores grow in full sun but favour a shady position, and flower beautifully throughout the winter into the spring. Over recent years there have been wonderful new varieties developed that produce abundant flowering displays in many subtle shades of colour. These are a fabulous plant for underplanting larger trees and are also wonderful features in pots and containers.

Continue to apply regular applications of fertiliser to winter flowering plants to ensure a wonderful finale to their seasonal displays. Terra Firma Organic Life pellets will also supply 4 forms of Natural Nitrogen, 4 forms of Natural Phosphorus, 3 forms of Natural Potassium, 4 forms of Calcium, 2 forms of Sulphur and 2 forms of Silicon to encourage lots of new healthy fresh growth once flowering is complete.

Prepare your garden beds now for spring planting by digging in plenty of compost such as the NEW Rocky Point ActivGrow or Rocky Point Cow Manure.

Rocky Point ActivGrow – New Name & Improved Formula

We are thrilled to introduce the NEW Rocky Point ActivGrow to our range of premium Rocky Point products. Customers have enjoyed many years of wonderful results from Rocky Point Active 8 soil conditioner. It is now time to say GOODBYE Active 8 and WELCOME Rocky Point ActivGrow as our NEW SUPERCHARGED ORGANIC SOIL IMPROVER.

We doubled the number of active ingredients to 16. And whilst Active 8 was great before, we felt Active 16 did not have quite the same ring to it!

The NEW IMPROVED blend is now supercharged with over SIXTEEN active ingredients including a blend of organic compost, composted chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite and trace elements. This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields. All of these ingredients combine to create a balanced, nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular growth. Our NEW ActivGrow is suitable for all garden types.

Go Native

Across the country native plants are announcing the coming of spring. This is a month of wonderful colour from our Australian native plants as the landscape comes alive with brilliant glowing wattle trees in flower. Birds are loving the winter flowering grevilleas and climbing native plants such as Hardenbergia are covered in flowers. Climbing Hardenbergia are available in purple and white flowering varieties. These are also available with the purple and white flowering forms planted as a duo and create a spectacular flowering feature over walls, fences and structures.

The fragrance of Boronias are will soon be filling the air and these wonderful native shrubs are an excellent potted air freshener for indoors while they are flowering. Once flowering is complete, simply prune the plant by removing the top one third of the foliage. Place outdoors in a sheltered position for seven to ten days to harden up from it’s indoor visit and then plant in the garden to grow.

There are many great native plants to bring colour and interest to the garden. Native plants should be fertilised prior to flowering and again once flowering is finishing with a specialised native plant food blend such as Terra Firma Native & Shrub Fertiliser Pellets.  Terra Firma Natives & Shrubs fertiliser has been developed to cater for the requirements of native plants, trees and native grasses including Bottlebrushes, Grevilleas, Banksias and Kangaroo Paws. This high-performance product contains a composted base of Poultry Manure with added Sulphate of Potash, Feathermeal, Blood Meal, Kelp and Zeolite. The inclusion of natural gypsum will add calcium and sulphur without changing the pH of the soil, making Terra Firma Natives & Shrubs also great for palms, fruit trees and for your vegie garden.

Indoor Plants

Plants in our homes bring colour, life and freshness to our lives. Cymbidium and Phalenopsis (moth or butterfly) Orchids are spectacular flowering plants to brighten our indoor living spaces at this time of year. These are available in so many colours and shades and are wonderful décor features in the home. Cyclamen are continuing to produce stunning flower displays that will continue until the warm weather returns. Beautiful Kalanchoes, African Violets, Anthuriums and Spathiphyllums are also just some of the standout plants to bring winter colour to our lives. There are many great foliage plants including ferns, palms, cordylines, monstera, figs, succulents and cacti to add life, texture and excitement to our Urban Jungles. Most indoor plants are grown in pots, containers and hanging baskets. Plants will only grow to the quality of the potting mix that they are growing in. Always use a premium quality potting mix for the best results.

Rocky Point Coco Pro Professional Potting Mix is our super premium potting mix and contains all the fertilisers required for the best results.  Rocky Point Coco Pro Professional Potting Mix also contains a granular wetting agent for maximum water retention.

In the Edible Garden

August is a busy time in the vegetable garden. Cold month vegetables such as Artichoke, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Onion, Peas, Radish, Rhubarb, Silverbeet, Spinach and Snow Peas can still be planted. Potatoes can also still be planted as the risk of frost damage passes.

Northern regions are enjoying great conditions for growing food at home.  Capsicum, Chili, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Tomato and Zucchini can all be planted in areas that are not prone to frost.

Small fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, currents, kiwi fruits, strawberries and guavas can all be planted now in suitable regions. Check with your local garden retailer for the best local advice and tips for success.

Growing fresh and tasty herbs at home is very rewarding. There are lots of herbs available to plant now as the weather begins to warm.  Dill, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Rocket and Mint are some of the favourites to look for.

Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch is the perfect mulch for around your vegetable and herb plants. Sugar Cane Mulch looks great, it is weed free, will help to retain moisture, to suppress weeds and help to keep new seedlings warm and protected.

Now is the time to prepare the edible garden beds that will be planted during the spring. Dig in plenty of organic compost and animal manure to prepare garden beds for the season of growth and abundance ahead. Try Rocky Point ActivGrow. Simply add Rocky Point ActivGrow to your garden beds and turn in with your existing soil for amazing results as the spring arrives.

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