Autumn is the new spring

Autumn is by far the best time to do any serious garden overhauls, planting and design implementation.

Cooler weather means there is relief for your plants and after the draining heat of summer, your plants could do with some TLC.

You can apply some liquid seaweed, re-mulch and fertilise your soil with one of Rocky Point’s new concentrated pellet fertiliser range especially while the soil is still warm. This is particularly true for those residing in the subtropics and tropics where autumn and winter can be very mild and active growth still occurring.

The cooler days and nights make it easier for plants to settle in and because the days are still warm enough to maintain good soil temperatures, this encourages active root growth. This is enough to get plants and trees semi-established before the onset of winter when growth becomes minimal.

By the time spring comes around, plants are partially established. Then when the heat of summer shows up, your plants are well and truly established.

So, don’t wait for spring, get into the garden this autumn and get growing!


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