Autumn Top Gardening Tips

Tired post summer gardens? Now is the time to revamp, revitalise, and redo your gardens and pots. With the cooler change in weather, this is a great time of year to tackle any larger gardening projects and plantings too. 

  • Soil care: it’s time to re-compost general garden beds and fertilise whilst the soil temperatures remain warm, try Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver or Fertiliser Pellets.
  • Re-mulch: mulching is key throughout the year to maintain soil moisture levels, suppress weeds and keep soil temperatures even. Over summer your mulch will have naturally broken down and depleted, so now’s the time to top up. Rocky Point has a range of mulches from Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch to our decorative range.
  • Rose season is coming, so now is a good time to choose your bare-root rose varieties ahead of time, and prepare the soil with Rocky Point Cow Manure Plus, and Rocky Point Lucerne or Sugar Cane Mulch.
  • Lawn care: be prepared later in the season to watch for Bindi weeds. Treat as required.
  • Cool-season annual flowers can be planted now for winter, and spring displays. plant violas, pansies, snapdragons, calendulas, stocks, sweet peas, cornflowers, hollyhocks, foxgloves, delphiniums, and larkspurs.
  • Bulb time: now is the time to purchase winter and spring flowering bulbs such as freesias, anemones, jonquils, hyacinths, ranunculus, snowflakes, daffodils, tulips and more.
  • Vegetables to plant now are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, onions, spinach, garlic, hearting lettuce, beetroot, carrot, kale, coriander, fennel, dill, peas, snow peas, broad beans, and tomatoes in frost-free areas.
  • Prune any summer flowering shrubs and fertilise with Rocky Point ActivGrow Fertiliser Pallets to encourage new growth before the arrival of winter.
  • Rosellas should be ready to harvest. Your rosellas can be made into rosella jam, jelly or cordial. Remember that they are an annual, so once the harvesting has ceased, they will finish.
  • Repot any indoor plants, and flowerpots, and plant new season edibles with fresh potting mix like Indoor Potting Mix, Premium Potting mix or Coco Pro before the onset of winter and then fertilise. 

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