Biophilia - What is it?

Biophilia is a word we are hearing more and more of in current conversations with regards to green space designs, indoor plants, the therapeutic benefits of gardening and more.

This word is far from new. The term biophilia was coined all the way back in the 1960’s and basically means as human beings we have an inherent need to commune with nature. This means immersing ourselves and interacting with the natural environment on a regular basis is key for our well-being.

Forest bathing is now being prescribed by doctors in the northern hemisphere where busy high density city dwellers are struggling with a variety of health issues physical and psychological, which are worsened by the continual lack of being outdoors. 

Life at various times can be suffocating, due to work pressures, family life, houses to keep, social media, tv and so forth. All these aspects compete for our time and quite often the thing that suffers the most is our time to relax, to regroup and ground oneself in outdoor locations surrounded by plants, nature, big skies, wildlife and more.

One option is to bring the outdoors in, in the form of indoor plants. Another would be creating a green nook on an outdoor balcony or veranda, even better create and maintain an outdoor garden space that you need to tend, enjoy and just be in and around on a regular basis.

Examples of a biophilic space include:

  1. Cluster of indoor plants and greenery i.e. wall feature, roof feature.
  2. Water features in or outside your building.
  3. Natural lighting in or outside of your building.
  4. An area that encourages wildlife or insects.
  5. Using patterns indoors that emulate the outdoors.
  6. Use of natural materials indoors like timber, clay or wool in structure or furniture.


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