Plant Profile: Cabbage

Cabbages make an excellent addition to any veggie patch in the cooler months. This versatile leafy-green has often been pigeon holed for it’s serving as a boiled veggie, but it also makes a fabulous fresh addition to stir-fries, salads and even fermented for a little zing!

Profile-CabbageComing in a variety of colours from various greens, to reds and purples, these delicious veggies are typically ready to harvest anywhere from 12 – 20 weeks depending on the variety planted.

Sunlight: Choose a spot in full sun for your cabbage patch.

Watering: Keep the soil moist while germinating. Continue to water well as moisture stress can cause your cabbages to bolt. Cabbages leaves are predominately water, so ensure they’re getting adequate hydration.

Soil: Cabbages aren’t fussy when it comes to their soils, however soils high in organic matter will grow greater yields. Add plenty of organic matter prior to planting, like ActivGrow Soil Improver.

Mulching: Mulching with an organic mulch like Sugar Cane Mulch will assist in conserving moisture and minimizing stress.

Feeding: Regular (every 3-4 week) applications Poultry Manure Fertiliser Pellets will assist in producing strong leafy growth.

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