Garden Market Days at Capalaba & Brookfield Produce

Rocky Point were delighted to be invited to join in and share the fun of the annual Garden Market theme days at both Capalaba Produce on April 6th and Brookfield Produce on April 13th 2019.

Janette, Maxine & Mike approached the days with enthusiasm and set up their display to draw in customers from all directions. The bright green Rocky Point Marquee created an atmosphere of activity to welcome people in, and the recent rains and cooling weather in the region have encouraged customer back to gardening activities.

The day saw promotion of Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch, Cow Manure and Garden Soil products, which were on special on the day.

A product demonstration on Coco Pro potting mix was also put together to draw attention of attending customers. Damien, previous owner of Brookfield Produce gave a rave-review of Coco Pro as his personal choice for herb planting.

Many customer brought along their furry friends to celebrate the market day, and enjoyed seeing Rocky Point from a birds-eye view with our on-site image printed in banner form proudly on display.

The team thoroughly enjoyed participating in the day, and are looking forward to the next garden events on the calendar.

Rocky Point has a broad range of products available from both stores, so they are certainly worth a visit when looking for your next gardening trip!



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