Plant Profile: Carnation

Suitable in garden beds, cottage gardens and pots, Carnations are loved for their beautifully fragrant, frilly blooms.


The diverse colours of carnation flowers are said to symbolize different emotions. Light red express admiration, while darker, deeper red are used to show passion. White carnations are all about pure love, and pink are popular come Mother’s day for symbolizing gratitude.

Varieties: There are two main varieties of carnation, dwarf – growing 30-40cm and tall – growing up to 80cm.

Sunlight: Full sun is ideal, the more sun, the more flowers! (At least 4-6 hours a day is ideal)

Watering: Carnations will require plenty of water, at least a good drink once a week.

Soil: Planted in pot, choose Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix to give your Carnations the best growing environment. If growing in ground, top up your beds with plenty of Rocky Point Garden Soil prior to planting.

Mulching: It’s a good idea to add some mulch around your Carnation plants to help with regulating soil temperatures and retaining moisture. Straw-like mulches like Sugar Cane or Lucerne are great choices.

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