Plant Profile: Chamomile

This pretty little perennial plant make a great ground cover for many types of gardens from herb to cottage or even as an alternative lawn – and what make it even greater, is that you can drink it too!

PP-ChamomileChamomile is a popular natural tea when dried, and blooms with daisy-like flowers of white petals with a bright yellow centre.

Sunlight: Will grow happily in full sun to light shade.

Watering: Gentle but regular watering while seeds germinate and establish.

Soil: Chamomile loves a fertile, well-draining soil. Add plenty of organic matter in the form of ActivGrow Soil Improver to garden beds prior to planting, or plant in Organic Potting Mix if growing in containers.

Harvest: Harvest flower heads and collect. Regularly harvesting will promote continued flowering. Spread them out in a warn, dry location and leave for around 2 weeks to dry out. Then store in an airtight container or jar.

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