Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids make the perfect long-lasting potted flowering plant that will flower again and again for you each winter if given the right conditions.

Caring for cymbidium orchids

OrchidPosition: A minimum of 50% light to full sun in winter to promote flowering, and semi-shade in summer to protect them from the harsh summer heat. Growing them in pots will allow you to move them around depending on the season.

Watering: Allow your orchid to dry out between watering, they do not like wet feet and certainly don’t want to be sitting in a saucer of water.

Fertilising: Frequent (fortnightly) applications of a liquid orchid fertiliser is recommended during the growing season and again preluding flowering. Slow-release fertilisers can be given early spring and again early summer to promote growth.

Potting: Using a specialty potting mix formulated for cymbidium orchids will provide the required drainage. Most orchids including the cymbidium prefer to be pot bound rather than over potted. Repot when the orchid’s growth is starting to spill over the edge of the pot. This is best done in spring after flowering. At this stage you can choose to divide your orchid into smaller plants. Rocky Point Orchid Mix is ideal.

Artificial Chill Down: Cymbidiums naturally flower better in cooler mild temperate zones but don’t like temperatures to go too far below 5 degrees. To encourage them to flower in the warmer subtropical zones start watering your cymbidiums with ice cold water in the late afternoon/evening (even pop a few ice cubes around the roots) late January early February. Do this for about a month - it will help the orchid to set its buds/flower spikes for winter flowering in 6 months time. 

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