Plant Profile: Endive

A fabulous edition to any salad, Endive has a real fresh flavour punch to your kitchen garden. With its interestingly shaped leaves, why not try giving endive a grow in your garden?

PP-EndiveThis leafy green is ideal to grow throughout winter and is a close relative to Witlof.

Sunlight: Endive LOVES full sun, it will still grow with just 2-3 hours of sun a day, but you won’t get it’s absolute best results.

Watering: Endive will benefit from regular watering, so the soil is kept moist, but do try not to overwater.

Soil: You’ll need a well-drained, but consistently moist (not wet) soil. Ensure you add plenty of organic matter like Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver prior to planting.

Harvest: You will be ready to harvest the whole plant in about 10 weeks, or you can start harvesting individual leaves earlier.

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