Gardening with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been on trend for quite a while now and with all the evidence proving that they can and will benefit you in many ways within your home there is no need to stop this love affair.

What are these benefits?

  • Cleaner air by providing oxygen and removing a range of nasty VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Seeing green has been known to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Plants make a great interior decorating addition.
  • Cognitive function and productivity have been found in some circumstances to improve when surrounded by plants.

Now that winter is upon us you may have noticed a lot of your subtropical and tropical indoor plants could possibly not be looking their best. A great way to refresh and revive your indoor plant collection is to utilise the NEW Rocky Point Indoor Plant Care Pack with the Indoor Plant Tonic, Plant Foliage Spray and Plant Water Metre.

Top Indoor Plant Care Tips

  1. Repot - when potting mix is spent and loses water holding capacity, the plant has outgrown the pot or the potting mix levels have dropped. Choose Rocky Point’s Indoor Potting Mix or Coco Pro or Premium Potting Mix to give your indoor plant the ultimate medium in which to grow.
  2. Fertilise - fertilise your plants with Rocky Point’s Indoor Plant Tonic every 2-4 weeks.
  3. Refresh - always prune off any diseased, dead or damaged foliaged.
  4. Rotate - For those locations within your house that are dark and receive very little natural light it is best to buy two or three of a particular indoor plant you like and rotate them on a weekly basis from a good light position into the dark location. This way you are not just having one plant in this tricky location and watching its slow demise because of a lack of light.
  5. Watering Tip - use Rocky Point Water Meter to ascertain whether the potting mix has dried out or not. Don't sit indoor plants in saucers of water. Keeping the potting overly damp all the time will cause fungal issues plus create an environment that encourages fungus gnats to proliferate.

Better Earth Tip: Mist your plants to create humidity around them, this will deter mites.

This spray has been formulated to let your leaves breathe easier, with a natural form of leaf shine which aids in the removal of dust and deters pests. Blended with neem oil and a plant based wetting agent boosted with vitamins, protein and nutrients. This will leave your plant leaves looking fresher and healthier than ever.

Spraying and wiping your plant leaves helps with controlling various pests by dislodging eggs, and larvae, which reduces the length and severity of an infestation. It also removes the dust and gives your plant leaves additional nutrients, leaving it healthier and shinier.

This product has been designed to boost the growth potential in your indoor jungle. Providing a source of nutrients, regular use of this low odour and easy application tonic will help in producing healthier, stronger foliage and vibrant flowers.

It is a mix of trace elements from seaweed extract and chelated trace elements, natural amino acids, iron and calcium from blood and bone. Humic and fulvic acids allow for quicker and easier uptake of nutrients such as, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Combined with a plant derived wetting agent this tonic will improve long term moisture penetration into the soil.

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