Time to get Spring ready

With Spring fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what needs to happen in the garden now to make sure that your plants thrive when the weather warms up. After all, you don’t want to be hard at work and miss out on sitting back and witnessing all the amazing Spring time blooms.

Our top 8 ways you can get ready for a bumper Spring

- 1 - Get prepped

25Time to dust off the cobwebs and give all your tools a once over to ensure they are ready to go. Sharpen, sterilise and oil your cutting tools, give the mower a service and make sure to stock up on any bits and pieces you may need.

- 2 - Prune & Weed

26Prune all those plants that got a bit out of control over the last few seasons. Remove or treat any weeds you can see so you are ready to plant when the time comes.

- 3 - Establish new garden beds

27Whether it is new raised garden beds, garden extensions or garden makeovers, the opportunities (and plant choices) are endless.

- 4 - Make watering easier

28Get water smart and install some PVC piping (with drill holes) deep into the soil in key areas of the garden. This will help to get water deep down in the root zone over the hotter months, saving you water in the process. Alternatively, set up a simple irrigation system by burying a length of soaker hose just under the soil where it is needed.

- 5 - Prepare the soil (and mulch!)

Blog Banners-1Add a soil improver like ActivGrow Soil Improver, or some well matured compost to rejuvenate your soil. Wait a few weeks and test your soil’s pH to see if it needs any further amendments. Add a good layer of mulch like Rocky Point’s Lucerne Mulch or Sugar Cane Mulch to protect the soil and lock in the moisture and nutrients.

- 6 - Plan for the pantry

29Have a think about what edibles (herbs, veggies, fruit) you want to grow. How much do you need to plant for you family’s needs? What will your plan be when it comes to harvest time? Make sure you have an idea about storing or preserving any excess produce, otherwise look forward to sharing some with family and friends.

- 7 - Plant now!

30Find out what you should be planting now to reap the rewards in Spring. Remember your companion plants too, they will be your sidekick in pest control.

- 8 - Find your fertiliser

31Dig out the fertiliser you have stored away and see if it’s still ok to use. Stock up on what you will need, but be careful not to overdo it as fertiliser is best used fresh, depending on the type of fertiliser, where (and how) it has been stored. Use different fertilisers for different plants; choosing between organic and synthetic, slow release, controlled release and liquid or foliar sprays. A great organic fertiliser option for throughout the growing season is Rocky Point’s ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets.

Start planning now and make the most of Spring when it arrives. It will be here before you know it!

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