Hanging Basket Success!

Hanging baskets can be a great way to create a green or colourful display at eye level, and to make the most of tricky positions that you may have indoors or outside your house.
BES - HangingBasketBasket Choice: Fibreglass, wire baskets with coconut fibre liners, plastic, terracotta, and ceramic. When choosing a basket that isn’t free draining or has no drainage hole, consider planting into an appropriate shape and sized plastic pot, and lift out to water, or alternatively drill a hole with a masonry drill.

Care: Fertilise using a slow-release fertiliser every few months, with regular applications of a liquid fertiliser and liquid seaweed keeping your plants looking their optimal best.

Watering: Hanging baskets dry out more frequently than other potted plants because of the continual air flow around them. Monitor watering especially during summer and spells of windy, dry weather. How often you need to water will depend on the size of the basket and plants being grown in it.

Potting mix: Always choose a premium potting mix like Rocky Point’s Coco Pro or Premium Potting Mix. Top up or repot as required.

Three Great Planting Combos:

  • Flowering – trailing wave petunias, blue gem salvia, dwarf snapdragon, dianthus and dichondra silver falls.
  • Shade lovers – ivy, ribbon grass, rhipsalis, syngonium, philodendron Xanadu, peperomia scandens.
  • Edible – Alaska nasturtium, golden oregano, spicy globe basil, thyme, parsley, Mexican tarragon, strawberries.

Play around, choose a basket you like and then just place a few different potted plants in the basket to see how it looks. Think varying sizes, growing habits, foliage textures and colours when choosing your plants.

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