Plant Profile: Hellebore

Hellebores, also known as Winter Roses, are winter flowering perennials, best suited to growing in temperate parts of Australia.

PP-HelleboreThese beautiful blooms have a unique look and colouring of their own, available in a range of colours, from earthy whites, greens, yellows and deep purples, often with speckles flashes of colour too.

Sunlight: Hellebores will grow at their best if they are in a shady spot for the most part, especially in the hot summer sun. If they can receive some sunlight in winter, this will benefit their flowering abilities – underplanting on winter deciduous trees is ideal.

Watering: These beauties do need somewhere with good drainage that won’t be waterlogged. They will required regular watering during their first summer in ground, while they establish.

Soil: While tolerant of most soil types and even pH types, Hellebores do not like sandy soils. If you have a sandy soil at home, consider adding good amounts of Rocky Point Garden Soil to your beds prior to planting.

Feeding: A complete fertiliser is ideal for feeding Hellebores, especially needed in late Autumn. ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets are a great choice. Also consider an annual application of Blood & Bone Fertiliser Pellets to help with calcium levels.

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