Indoor Plant Revamp

Spring is a great time to Repot, Revamp and Revive your indoor potted plants.

Indoor or outdoor, plants in pots will at some stage need to be re-potted. Why? Because potting mix does not have an infinite life. It eventually runs out of watering holding capacity and structure.

rp-coco-premiumPlants will need re-potting when they have outgrown their pots. They will also need re-potting when a mix has started to break down, this is to ensure they have adequate water retaining potting media around them. 

Spring is also a good time to fertilise as plants will start to produce new growth. Use a slow release fertiliser and a liquid fertiliser application, as this will give your plants the nutrients to look their best. Liquid seaweed is like a health tonic for your plants. It will make them more disease and pest resistant and more tolerant of drying out periods and temperature extremes. 

Give your indoor plants a spring clean too. Remove any dust or grime with a warm damp cloth. Alternately pop them outside in a shaded location to give them a hose down or even use the bathroom shower.

Of course, there’s always the option to do a bit of spring redecorating and purchasing or propagating some new plant additions to your collection.

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