Continued Growth In Our Commitment To Quality

Rocky Point has recently achieved certification to ISO 14001:2015.

This internationally recognised certification demonstrates Rocky Point’s systems, processes and procedures are mature and robust, that they are regularly audited externally, and that the company is continually striving to improve how we identify, manage, monitor and control environmental issues.

Customers can benefit from the knowledge that Rocky Point has built an effective environmental management system into both our strategic business plan but also our day-to-day operations. From a regulatory perspective, this is a real benefit to customers, but also in giving us the ability to demonstrate to prospective customers that we are continually driving improvement in environmental and quality matters, both in the work place and out in the field.

The ISO 14001:2005 certification also clearly demonstrates Rocky Point’s senior leadership involvement and engagement from our employees.

Douglas Rawlins, Rocky Point Quality and Environmental Officer stated, “This certification conveys to our customers our commitment to offer solutions considerate of environmental parameters and regulations. Our Business Management System is fully integrated and certified against ISO 9001, and now 14001, which is a great achievement for Rocky Point as we strive to continually improve all business areas.”

Matt Keith, Rocky Point Director added “This is a great step for Rocky Point to demonstrate we have ISO 14001:2015 in place and we will build on this platform to further improve our systems and processes for our customers across everything we do in relation to quality and environmental management. Working in the Growing Media and Soils industry, we need to be sensitive to environmental issues and this certification shows how highly we value their importance.”

You can learn more about other quality certifications held by Rocky Point here.

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