Lawn Refresh

Spring is a great time of year to rejuvenate your lawns. The warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours are your lawns cue to get going again for the growing season.

  • rp-si-optilawn30Top dress to even out any humps and hollows with OptiLawn Top Dress. This should only be done during the warmer months of the growing season.
  • Renovation – aeration/coring/scarification may be needed to dethatch your lawn.
  • Check soil pH levels. Acidic soils are more likely to have weed species taking hold.
  • If acidic add dolomite (follow packaging instructions).
  • Apply a complete balanced, slow release fertiliser in spring, summer, and autumn
  • Deep weekly watering is better than daily light watering.
  • Add a liquid seaweed/wetting agent to aid water infiltration and drought proof your lawn.
  • Mowing once a week.
  • Weed control watch. Monitor on a weekly basis. Prevention is better than cure and a healthy strong growing lawn is less likely to have many weed species invading its growing space.
  • Begin organic pest control measures for lawn grub, using eco-neem.
  • Mow regularly (twice each week if necessary) removing 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time.
  • Mow without a catcher to return the clippings to the lawn to add extra nitrogen.

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