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- Making it for QLD | Grown in QLD -

More time at home means more time to garden! Around Australia there is a positive movement towards getting connected again with your garden and growing your own produce.

During the tough times of #COVID19, Rocky Point’s manufacturing plants have been working double time to keep our supply chains strong and our community of independent and corporate retailers well stocked with garden products to meet unprecedented demands.

For 70 years our family has been growing sugar cane in Queensland, and diversified almost 20 years ago as pioneers in the packaged sugar cane mulch industry. At Rocky Point, we now manufacture gardening products for the SEQ community and beyond, including a range of mulches, potting mixes, soils, composts, animal bedding, sands, and fertilisers. These products are all uniquely crafted for the; horticultural, agricultural, revegetation, landscaping and home garden industries and all designed to make the earth better

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