The this NEW Organic Potting Mix

Today people are becoming more and more aware and conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, their homes, their gardens, and the environment around them.

BES-OrganicMixWhen it comes to gardening, choosing organic fertilisers and pest and disease control has become mainstream, so why not your soil additives and potting mediums as well?

When growing your own edibles in containers and pots, the best option to choose for a growing media is a certified organic potting mix.

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ has a lot of truth in it. Studies have shown that edibles (herbs, vegetables, fruit) grown in organic soils and potting mixes have a higher nutritional value - more percentages of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, as compared to those grown in mixes with
synthetic inclusions.

The grow your own movement and gardening in general has really taken off in recent years and growing organically whether it be ornamental or edible plants is really a no brainer when looking at a healthy lifestyle hobby and harvest.

What’s in Rocky Point’s new Organic Potting Mix?
2-RP-ORG-22This medium is rich in microbes, with ingredients such as pine bark, coir chip, a composted cow manure blend and more. Plus, there’s Rocky Point’s quick response ActivGrow Organic Fertiliser Pellets, which brings nutrition and minerals in the form of poultry manure, seaweed, fishmeal, blood and bone, potash, natural gypsum, rock phosphate and zeolite.

For continued good growth throughout the growing season for your potted plants, apply additional applications of ActivGrow Organic Fertiliser Pellets and water in well.

This exciting new product is being released for sale July 2022 and will be available at most of your favourite local Rocky Point stockists. Check with your stockist directly when they’ll have it in stock.

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