Plant Profile: Onion

Onions have been cultivated since ancient times, and are a good winter crop for any home gardener, and there are so many varieties to choose from.

Profile-OnionThroughout autumn and winter is the ideal time to plant onions, and they are typically ready for harvest around 25 weeks from planting.

Sunlight: Open, sunny position

Watering: At time of planting, water in well with a seaweed concentrate and repeat every 2 weeks. Keep up regular waterings in between.

Soil: Dig in good amounts of ActivGrow Soil Improver prior to planting out. Seed can also be sown directly to garden beds, fill shallow trenches in prepared soil with Seed & Cutting Mix.

Harvest: When the leaves fall over and wilt, you know it’s time to harvest your onions. Gently pull them from the soil and cut the remaining leaves off with a few centimetres from the bulb. Leave the bulbs in a warm, dry spot to dry out. Store dry onions in a cool, dry place in wire or mesh baskets.

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