Organic Health Garden Soil - Growing for your health

When it comes to the new Rocky Point Organic Health Garden Soil Rocky Points Growing Intelligence Expert, Mark Rayner, has been working passionately behind the scenes to craft what can be considered one of the most nutrient rich organic soils on the market. He has a real passion for organic composts and a deep desire to craft the best medium for growing organic produce. 

In Mark’s role at Rocky Point, he is creating and designing growing media for various customers from bulk nurseries, agricultural producers, all the way to backyards around Australia in the form of Rocky Point’s retail bagged mixes.

Here, Mark had the opportunity to work with a client with a unique circumstance. Their requests were that they were after a high nutrient soil that would allow their vegetables and edibles to be able to uptake the maximum amount of nutrient possible. The client had extreme health issues and was looking to grow their own good healthy organic food to improve and maintain their health. Mark explains, “more and more people are starting to realise that you really are what you eat.” 
After months of research and grow trials Mark and his team had a product designed with a balance of ingredients, lab testing analysis of the soil, as well as the vegetables growth rates analysed to make sure it was as good as it could possibly be before releasing to the market. 

Over the past 7 years this mix has been repeatedly purchased and used in the bulk landscape market for genuine organic growers. The Australian Certified Organic Classification along with the Australian Standards Red Tick for Premium Soils are the starting credentials for this mix. Growing organically, especially growing your own at home is not only more beneficial health wise but it will also save you money all whilst delivering more nutrient dense and tastier food. 

What’s so good about Organic Health Garden Soil?
“It’s like a Swisse multivitamin for plants,” says Mark. “Organic Health Garden Soil is the first true high nutrient organic soil in a bag. Containing great levels of nutrients such as, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and more.” 

“Plants grow faster, are more nutrient dense, tastier, and chemical free. Organic Health Garden Soil can be used to grow all plant types, not just edibles. It will happily sustain flowering plants, landscape lines, natives, trees, shrubs, fruit trees and more. Organic Health Garden Soil can also be used in wicking beds, planter boxes and more.”

The product development was about creating a product that fulfilled a customer’s request and lifestyle philosophy, one that is now a growing community concern. In turn this product will now benefit all those wanting the best organic soil to grow the best edibles and plants. It is a soil that was created to give people the opportunity to live a longer, healthier, and better life by growing and consuming the most nutrient dense organic produce possible. 

The feedback received over the years from people using Rocky Point Organic Health Garden Soil is extremely rewarding. Mark is concerned that many people lack knowledge about soils and often just choose the cheapest option when gardening. “Understanding that a plant, a tomato, a bunch of bananas etc are only going to be as good as the soil they’re grown in. And anyone that has used Organic Health Garden Soil and seen and tasted the results has truly never gone back and used another soil,” says Mark. 
Organic Health Garden Soil will be with stockists from July 2023.

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