Plant Profile: Protea

Protea are a stunning, vibrant flower, often thought of as an Australian Native – although they actually hail from South Africa. They do, however, share many of the growing characteristics and requirements of our Aussie natives, so it’s a fair correlation to make

PP-ProteaComing from the Proteaceae family, they are similar in characteristics to Banksia, Waratah & Grevilleas.

Protea can be planted year-round but will perform best when started in either autumn or spring, so they have a chance to establish.

Sunlight: Full-sun positions with plenty of good air circulation will benefit protea.

Watering: Water well after planting. Once plants are established they require very minimal water.

Soil: Free-draining soil is a must, add good amounts of Rocky Point Native Mix to your existing garden bed soil and dig through well to ensure it is friable.

Mulch: It’s a good idea to mulch around your protea plants, using an organic mulch like Tea Tree Mulch is a great choice. Just ensure you keep it away from directly contacting the stem of the plant.

Varieties include: King, Pink Ice, Little Prince, Bird’s Next, Raspberry Frost, Red Gym, Rose Mink and so many more!

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