Retirement can be boring but working keeps you stimulated, say older workers

Rocky Point was pleased to be showcased in a recent ABC News story on the employment of older workers.

After working for two years in his substantial Gold Coast garden, Lawrence Waterman realised he found retirement extremely dull.

"It's very hard looking for things to do and they are not there to do," Mr Waterman said.
For decades he had worked in logistics and for transport companies, and as an active 72-year-old felt it would be a shame not to put his years of experience to good use.

Having found an employer who valued his skill and knowledge, Mr Waterman has now been working for several months as a pallet controller for Rocky Point, a family-run company that produces mulch and garden soil.

By all accounts, he is kicking goals.

His new employer said he has saved them thousands of dollars by introducing processes to keep track of their pallets, and by working with their customers to recover them.

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