September in the Garden

As the days grow longer and the soil temperature begins to climb, nature is announcing the arrival of Spring. The southern winter landscape is being transformed as the deciduous trees are beginning to explode into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour and freshness. The air is being filled with the sweet scent of Spring as plants such as Daphne, Boronias, Lilac, Viburnums and Jasminum share their wonderful perfumes.

Spring flowering bulbs are emerging from the cool earth to find the warmth of spring sunshine. Daffodils, Jonquils, Tulips, Ranunculus, Crocus, Hyacinths and Anemones are among the favourites that are beginning their displays of colour and fragrances.

Northern regions of the country are enjoying wonderful, fresh new growth as the vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs begin to produce an abundant harvest of tasty homegrown goodness. Tomatoes, Strawberries Avocados, Citrus and Mangoes are producing fruit and life is good in the garden.

Spring is a time of wonderful new growth and is the time to apply generous amounts of fertiliser to encourage lots of growth, flowers and food from the spring garden. ActivGrow Fertiliser is a high quality organic fertiliser to apply to all garden beds to ensure the very best results. By design, ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets offer more than one form of the same nutrient, to stimulate many forms of that unseen workforce, to deliver nutrients with different complimentary release times, supporting the plant and offering the available nutrient when the plant needs it.

Spring Planting

There is lots of planting that happens during the Spring. It is the time to plant new trees and shrubs, herbs, vegetables and new season’s flowering seedlings. Rocky Point’s new improved ActivGrow (formerly Active 8) is a well-balanced organic soil improver designed to reinvigorate garden beds and tired soils. ActivGrow is suitable for all soil types and will ensure plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields.

Azaleas are a September Highlight

Azaleas are flowering brilliantly in the garden in many regions of the country. Azaleas are in the Rhododendron family. They originate from Japan, China and Korea. There are three main types of azaleas – the indica hybrids, karume hybrids and the brightly coloured deciduous mollis hybrids. Indica varieties spot flower during the autumn and winter but the main flush of flowering happens during spring. Azaleas look great planted en mass in garden beds and require plenty of compost and enjoy a semi shaded position. Azaleas grow well in pots but do require good draining, quality potting mix. Prune back after flowering is complete to encourage lots of bushy new growth. Supply regular fertiliser and keep moist during the growth time over spring and summer.


New and existing roses are beginning to cover in new fresh growth. Apply a premium organic fertiliser such as ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets to encourage lots of blooms for the season ahead. Watch out for aphids and thrips. These pests love the lush new growth. To spray and control now will halt the population explosion that will cause problems as the season progresses. Ask your local garden retail experts about safe methods of control.

Growing in Pots

As homes become larger and building blocks become smaller, gardens and garden styles have changed to suit our lifestyles. Growing plants in pots and containers is a very popular method of gardening and in metro areas, about 40% of all plants are grown in pots. Spring is the perfect time to revamp and to replant potted gardens as life begins to move back outdoors for the warmer months. There are many plants that thrive in pots with difference species available for every situation. Pots planted with a mixture of plants create an interesting mix of colours, textures and shapes to feature as part of the home decor. Once only available as seeds and seedling, patience was required to wait for plants to grow and for flower displays to begin. Now we have a huge selection of plants that are already grown and covered in flowers ready to bring living spaces to life. Spring and Summer flowering plants such as Alyssum, Cosmos, Lobelias, Nemesias, Petunias, Marigolds, Dianthus, Stocks, Snapdragons and Zinnias are available as potted colour and advanced 6 pack and 10 pack seedlings already in flower and looking great. Colour filled pots and hanging baskets planted now will bring months of excitement and interest for the warmer seasons ahead.

Indoor Plants

The health benefits of growing plants indoors are well documented. Growing plants indoors improves the air quality of homes. Just one or two plants starts to improve air quality significantly in a space. Growing plants also creates feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity.

Whether indoors or in outdoor spaces, the quality of the growing media or potting mix used is vital to achieve great results. Rocky Point Coco Pro is the professional nursery grade potting mix suitable for most types of plants. Sustainably produced with 40% Coir, Coco Pro features premium quality slow and controlled release fertilisers that feed and nourish plants for up to 14 months.

Designed to replace the need for multiple specialty potting mixes, Rocky Point Coco Pro is ideal for indoor plants, potted fruit trees, vegetable and herbs, Azaleas, Gardenias, Camellias, annuals, perennials, African Violets, Magnolias, Roses, Bromeliads, Cymbidiums, Palms and Ferns.

Spring Mulching

Now is also the perfect time to mulch garden beds. Applying a nice thick layer of organic mulch to beds during spring will help to retain the winter moisture, to suppress weeds and have the garden beds looking fabulous during the showcase of Spring freshness ahead. Rocky Point is proudly one of Australia’s leading producers of the finest mulches for the home garden. Our range includes, Sugar Cane MulchLucerne MulchPea Straw MulchTea Tree Mulch, Cypress MulchRed Cypress MulchOutback MulchBlackwood MulchPine Bark Mulch and Water Saving Mulch. There is a Rocky Point mulch for every application and garden style.

Spring Lawn Care

Lawns are beginning to grow and now is the perfect time to sow new lawns. Good preparation is essential to create the perfect lawn. Remove weeds and debris and rake and then level the ground prior to sowing. Select the best lawn seed for your area. Your local garden retailer will have the best advice and hints for the best results. Remember to keep the new lawn area moist throughout the germination process. Allow the new lawn to establish well before mowing for the first time. Keep the mower blade nice and high to encourage a nice lush thick lawn with a strong deep root system.

For existing lawns, spray broadleaf and lawn weeds such as bindii now to control weeds and prickles before summer arrives. Fertilise existing lawns to encourage strong lawns while there is good spring growth. Terra Firma Grassmaster has the highest organic analysis in any grass fertiliser combined with a high NPK. Grassmaster is formulated with specially coated Urea and DAP to stabilise nutrients and reduce leaching. This gives extended nitrogen and phosphorus protection which means less fertilising and greener, more manageable growth over a longer period.  Lawns that have been sprayed for weed control should be fertilised two weeks after spraying to encourage lawn growth and minimise opportunity for weeds to re-grow.

Lawn grub numbers are now beginning to increase and will be actively feeding on lawns. The signs are brown lawn patches and unhealthy green grass. Ask about the best treatment to control these pests.


In a world that sees us surrounded with screens, concrete and bitumen, gardening helps us to reconnect with nature and to discover the health and well-being that plants bring to our lives.

Whatever part of the country your garden is in, Spring is a very exciting time to venture back outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and exercise that gardening brings. Regular visits to garden centres and garden retailers are experiences filled with colour, inspiration and freshness. Experience the freshness of Spring this September.

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