Simple garden idea

Simple garden idea

Are you sick of spending hours hunched over the garden removing weeds? Here is a great cost effective solution – A Raised Garden Bed.
There are many benefits to having a raised bed in your garden, here are just a few:

  • A raised border helps contains the organic material within
  • It discourages invasion of surrounding lawn or weeds
  • It deters various people and critters
  • Ensures less back bending

Create your own raised garden bed

  1. Start by putting a layer of newspaper, weed mat, or even flatten out the box your raised garden bed kit came in and laying it on the bottom.
  2. Place individual layers of the below products, one at a time until the bed is full - think of it as if you are making a lasagne!


(Based on garden bed size - 1.2m wide x 1.2m long x 0.3 m depth)

  • 1 x 15kg bag of Terra Firma Organic Life or Poultry Manure (certified organic)
  • 1 x bag of Rocky Point Lucerne Nutri-Mulch
  • 1 x bag of Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch (7sqm coverage)
  • 6 x 30L bags of Rocky Point Active 8
  • 2-3 x 30L bags of Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix


  1. Lay down a layer of Lucerne Nutri-Mulch leaving no gaps, to a height of 10 cm
  2. Layer your organic fertiliser (Organic Life or Poultry Manure) roughly around the bed
  3. Add 5 cm of Active 8
  4. Add a nice thick layer of Sugar Cane Mulch to the garden, approximately 10 cm
  5. Another layer of Organic Life or Poultry Manure
  6. Add 5 cm of Active 8
  7. Top it all off with a layer of Premium Potting Mix depending on what you are planting out (seeds, seedlings or larger developed veggies/herbs)
  8. Left over mulch can be used to finish off once your planting is done.

NOTE: Water in the ingredients after each layer. You can now start planting your seedlings immediately for an instant garden.

Handy hints for creating an easy to manage garden:

  • Only make your gardens twice as wide as your arm length. By that, it is important to make sure you can reach into the garden to the halfway mark for harvesting and weeding (if required).
  • Keep topping up your garden beds as they bed down and rotate your crops. Each time you re-plant a patch, add some Active 8 and always mulch around the new plants. The mulch will keep down weeds, retain moisture and promote fast, healthy growth.
  • Planning ahead will always produce best results. E.g. plant your climbing beans with your corn so one supports the other. Put some herbs around your cabbage or tomato plants. Some of the principles of companion planting will provide inspiration.

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