Plant Profile: Snapdragon

For late winter/spring plantings Snapdragons are a cheery addition to any flower patch.

PP-SnapdragonLoved by gardeners of all ages for their range of colours, fun shape – and who can look passed the cheeky little squeeze to make them look like a dragon snapping away!

Snapdragons are relatively easy to grow and look great in garden beds, pots and hanging baskets.

Sunlight: Full to partial sun

Watering: Regular watering is required,

Soil: Well compost, well-drained soil is a must! Add plenty of organic matter like ActivGrow Soil Improver prior to planting. In pots, a quality potting mix like Grow More Premium Potting Mix is ideal.

Feeding: Regular liquid fertilizing with a seaweed concentrate every two weeks during the growing season will have your snappies happy all season long!

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