Plant Profile: Spinach

Spinach is arguably one of the most versatile veggies you can grow in your home patch. From salads to soups, stir-fries, and everything in between - you can throw a handful in with whatever you’re cooking for a delicious nutrient boost!

Profile-EnglishSpinachIt makes a great winter green crop, making autumn the perfect time to get started.

Sunlight: Grow in a nice sunny spot.

Watering: Keep sown seeds moist until they germinated. Then regular watering is beneficial.

Soil: Prepare your garden soil with good amounts of ActivGrow Soil Improver and Cow Manure Plus. Add some Poultry Manure Fertiliser Pellets as well prior to planting. Mound up the soil to plant into.

Thinning: There is no need to thin out clumps of spinach growing, they hate root disturbance, so you might ruin the bunch.

Harvest: Spinach grows relatively quickly, keep picking larger outer leave to promote continuous growth.

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