Spring- Daisies

Nothing says spring quite like the blooms of a daisy!

These days there are so many cultivars, from the old-fashioned marguerites of single and double white, pink and yellow to the new fancy forms that come in a range of colours and compact sizes.

The daisy is the Asteraceae family, a plant family renowned for having flowers that are stereotypically daisy shaped.

Daisies can be planted in garden beds en-masse, individually, in pots and some of the dwarf forms can even be planted in baskets.

The flowers attract a sea of good bugs and pollinators like bees, hoverflies and butterflies. They can be picked as a short-stemmed posy flower and pressed for dried flower craft projects.

How to grow Daisies:

  • Full sun
  • Free draining soil rich in organic matter
  • Prune after flowering to prevent dead undergrowth and leggy plants
  • Water on a regular basis especially during summer and periods of drought
  • Fertilise often with a combination of liquid and pelletised fertilisers
  • Can be propagated from cuttings during the warmer months
  • Use Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix or Grow More Premium Potting Mix when growing in
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