Summer Gardening Tips

The heat is on and it’s time to get your summer gardening game on.

  1. Mulch, mulch, mulch! To protect plant roots from temperature extremes, soil moisture loss and prevention of weed growth. Mulch will also slow rainfall down, help with water infiltration and prevent erosion.
  2.  Fertilise- Most plants edible, ornamental and lawns will benefit from regular applications of applicable fertilisers throughout the summer growing season.
  3. Insects watch-  With the heat of summer, insect breeding cycles are often in full swing. Check plants often for damage or disease. If found early these things can be nipped in the bud before it’s too late.
  4. Watering times In summer it is best to water in the morning or the late afternoon. Not when plants are wilting in the high heat of the day.
  5. Prune hydrangeas as the flowers finish
  6. Plant red and white annual flowers now if you want a festive floral display of red and white.
  7. Fertilise lawns every 4-6 weeks and mow a little higher.
  8. Apply re-wetting agents to garden beds and pots to prevent hydrophobia and inefficient water absorption from occurring.
  9. Plant herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and basil, ready in time for the festive season’s culinary delights.
  10. Last call to get rosella plants in for Rosella jam and jelly making in autumn.
  11. Plant cucurbits now; pumpkin, melons, cucumbers, zucchini, squash.
  12. Shelter any new plantings with shade cloth, cloches or even a few strategically placed branches. This will give them protection from the harsh summer sun whilst they establish.


Summer Grow Guide


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