Summer Lawn Care

Summer is the toughest season for Australian lawns, but with a little tender love and care you can get your lawn thriving in the summer heat.

Mowing: There are two main tips when it comes to mowing in summer – first, check your mower blades! Sharp mower blades ensures a nice clean cut to grass, helping protect it from susceptibility to pests and disease.

Secondly, raise the cutting height. We know it can be tempting when the grass is growing thick and fast to cut it short so you can do it less often, however this leaves less protection to the soil and roots under your lawn. Raising the cutting help will help with moisture retention and protecting roots in extreme temperatures.


Watering: Early morning and deep watering is key when it comes to a happy lawn in the heat. With temperatures soaring, watering first thing gives your lawn (and garden) time to absorb all of the moisture you give it, before the heat hits – meaning it’s well prepared to survive hot days.

If your soil is struggling to absorb and hold moisture, you might like to try a rewetting agent which you can pick up from your local independent nursery or garden centre.

*Extra tip – As tempting as it may be to water your lawn at night when the temperature has dropped again, it’s a good idea to avoid this as it can encourage the growth of fungal diseases.


Fertilising: Early in the summer months is the best time to fertilise your lawn with OptiLawn Granular Fertiliser. As temperatures are yet to reach their peak early in the season, fertilizing during this time minimizes the chances for fertiliser burn.


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