Plant Profile: Syngonium

Hailing from the tropical rainforests of Mexico, the West Indies and Central/South America, Syngoniums have grown extensively in popularity in recent years.

These woody vines can 10-20 metres up trees in the wild, but have proven a favourite as an indoor house plant.

Profile-SyngoniumAlso known as Arrowhead, due to the heart-shape of their leaves, these plants come in a variety of different colours and designs. It is a versatile and easy to care for plant addition to your indoor jungle.

Varieties: Pink, White Butterfly, Pixie, Wendlandii, Elf, Neon, Berry, Confetti, Fantasy and many, many more!

Sunlight: These plants will thrive in bright indirect light, but will tolerate lower light settings indoors as well.

Watering: Water when the top 3-5cm of soil have dried out. Water thoroughly and allow for the water to drain and empty the saucer so it is not left sitting in water. In cooler month, watering will be less frequent.

Potting Mix: Ensure you’ve planted your Syngonium in a high quality, well-draining potting mix. Coco Pro Professional Potting Mix is an ideal choice.

Other Care: As Syngoniums are a natural vining/trailing plant, you may want to consider growing them along a totem pole, or allow to cascade over the pot.

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