The Beauty of Bees

Bees play such an important role in preserving the health of our ecosystems by providing pollination for so many plant species. This includes in natural habitats, city/urban garden areas, and farming environments. 

Besides the European honeybee did you know we have an estimated 2000+ native bee species within Australia? 

Globally there are over 20,000 bee species! We need this biodiversity of bees within Australia because some of our native plants can only be pollinated by one specific bee species. If we lose that bee species that plant type won’t be able to be pollinated, set seed and reproduce. Leaving it to become extinct.

Bees are also important when it comes to pollinating our food crops. This has a knock-on effect on farming livelihoods and our food security. Nearly two-thirds of our agricultural production benefits from bee pollination. 

Destruction of native habitat, chemicals in the environment, and limited food sources are our bees’ greatest threats. 

To help our bees you can:

  • Provide biodiversity in their food sources by planting a wide variety of native and exotic plant species that will flower throughout the year.
  • Set up low-glazed dishes filled with pebbles and water to provide a safe drinking source for European honeybees.
  • Do not use any insecticides within your garden.
  • Set up some small or large bee/bug hotels for our various solitary native bee species.

World Bee Day falls on the 20th of May and you can do your bit to help our bee populations by hopping on board to spread awareness of the importance and significance of bees.

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