Plant Profile: Tibouchina

Native to Brazil, Tibouchina’s have been used for generations to decorate their churches at Easter time. Here in Australia, Tibouchina puts on an incredible display throughout Autumn, amassed with purple blooms.

Profile-TibouchinaThey don’t like frosts, but in a sunny spot they’ll do well in most locations.

Sunlight: Tibouchina love a sunny spot in the garden.

Watering: They’ll need regular watering while establishing, but this can be backed off a bit once established. Ensure you keep up watering in hot, dry conditions as to not stress the tree.

Soil: Improve soil prior to planting with good amounts of ActivGrow Soil Improver dug in. Add a couple of handfuls of Blood & Bone Fertiliser Pellets into the planting hole at time of planting.

Mulching: Mulch around the base of the plant with Pine Bark or another chunky mulch, ensuring you keep it away from the trunk.

Pruning: Once they’ve finished flowering, give them a good prune back. If you don’t prune, you’ll have quick the large tree in no time. Ensure you prune on time, as delaying this may result in sporadic flowering into the future.

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