Oh tomatoes are oh-so tasty, and really quite easy to grow your own at home. Follow our guide, and you'll be whipping up some marinated tomato bruschetta and other goodies in no time!

Growing: When to plant tomatoes will depend on your climate zone.

In the tropics and subtropics, in frost-free locations, you can grow tomatoes all year round.
In warm temperate and temperate climates it is best to plant seedlings or sow seeds after the last frost.

BES - TomatoLocation: Full sun with good airflow

Soil: Preparing soil well in advance with Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver and Cow Manure Plus is a must as tomatoes are heavy feeders. Alternatively, if growing in pots, Tomato & Herb Potting Mix is a great organic choice!

Staking & Tying: This will only need to be done with indeterminate tomato varieties; ones that are climbing.

Fertiliser: Use a combination of Rocky Point ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets and a small amount of sulphate of potash, plus liquid applications of seaweed throughout their growing and fruiting period.

Watering: Consistent watering is key to good fruit production. Watering in the morning is ideal as it allows the moisture to evaporate during the course of the day. This then avoids damp foliage overnight where fungal diseases can get a foothold. Inconsistent watering will see quite often tomato fruit splitting.

Pruning: To prune or not to prune? New research has shown that tomato plants are no more productive left unpruned than pruned. It’s just a matter of keeping them a little unruly. Removal of lower foliage or excessive foliage can help to reduce the incidence and spread of pests and diseases.

QLD Fruit fly: To protect your tomatoes from this pest, bagging fruit as soon as it forms is key, and using a combination of traps, q-fly wicks, and lure baits such as Eco-Naturalure will be your best form of attack.

Varieties: My top picks are Black Russian, Green Zebra, Tommy Toe, Blueberry, Amish Paste, Yellow Pear, Tropic, Grosse Lisse, Rouge de Marmande, to just name a few!

There are two groups of tomatoes; Indeterminate meaning vining/climbing tall and Determinate which are bush or short growing.

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