Winter cosiness for pets and livestock with AniStraw

Along with the recent surge in gardening especially the growing of edibles, chook ownership has also skyrocketed. And a lot of folks are quite new to this experience.

Good bedding is important to have inside your coop house to absorb the moisture and smell of droppings. Chickens also love to have bedding material to scratch about in and it is also important to line the nesting boxes to ensure comfort for laying and to stop egg breakages.

Rocky Point’s AniStraw Straw Animal Bedding is an all-natural, clean, long lasting and soft option for your small pets, farm animals and poultry. This sustainable product is derived from the clean, fresh leaves of Sugar Cane.

AniStraw has been screened and dust extracted to make it a healthy and environmentally friendly animal bedding choice. A feature of note is that it has the capacity to absorb four times its weight in water, all whilst smelling and looking good.

To use, remove any spent bedding and give the area a thorough clean out. Apply AniStraw to a depth appropriate to the size of the animal being kept. Smaller animals such as mice may only need a depth of 10-20mm, poultry 50cm and larger animals such as horses 100mm. Regular removal of soiled areas within the bedding and replacing these sections will give the AniStraw a longer life before needing to be totally removed and replaced.

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