Plant Profile: Clivia (clivia miniata)

A cluster of Clivias

CliviaImgFor a splash of orange, yellow and red at the end of Winter and leading into the warmer months, check out the different varieties of Clivia.

Clivia (Clivia miniata) or Kaffir Lily are hardy, evergreen plants with strapping dark green leaves. The stunning flower stalks emerge above the foliage late Winter through to Summer depending on the climate, with clusters of vibrant red, orange, yellow or cream trumpet-like flowers.

Growing well in pots or as a groundcover in large clumps, Clivia are happily positioned in a semi-shaded position, or fully shaded beneath other trees and shrubs. Growing to about half a metre, these plants need a free draining soil or potting medium, and have a tendency to get overcrowded.

Choose a high quality potting mix with exceptional air filled porosity and drainage qualities, such as Rocky Point’s Orchid Mix or Coco Pro.

Feed with blood and bone as the flower stalks begin to show, or with a liquid fertiliser at times when it starts warming up.

Water Clivia regularly during the hotter months of Summer, but allow them to dry out during Winter. Mulch them well with a high nitrogen mulch like Sugar Cane Mulch or Lucerne Mulch to retain moisture and protect the fleshy exposed roots.

After flowering, any suitable offsets may be divided up and repotted, or used elsewhere in the garden. Just remember not to overpot them, as they dislike root disturbance and prefer to be pot bound to show their best.

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