Dirt Diary - How to care for your soil all year round

What care your soil needs throughout each season will depend a little on your climate zone and the weather conditions that you may be experiencing. For example, Tropical and Subtropical Zones have dry winters and wet summers. While Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate and Mediterranean Zones have dry summers and wet winters.

Then there’s the question of what plants you are growing. Vegetables and herbs, natives, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, roses, camellias and azaleas, tropical plants, cacti and succulents, and the list goes on. For a general rule of thumb though, the major growing seasons are spring and summer, with less growth occurring during the shorter days and cooler temperatures.

How to care for your soil in Summer:

How to care for your soil in Spring:

How to care for your soil in Autumn:

  • Warmer climates will be just starting to get into the garden with the passing of the summer heat. Repeat the above of the addition of organic matter (Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver).
  • Soils depleted from high summer rainfall areas may also require trace elements in the form of rock dust minerals.
  • Cool climate gardeners will be starting to slow down as the approach of cooler nights and days approaches, less fertilising will be on the agenda.
  • All climates will be preparing vegetable garden beds for the cooler season edible crops of herbs and vegetables.
  • Re-apply mulches as required.
  • Sow cool-season green manure crops to beds where organic content is low. This will add organic matter bulk (carbon) and nitrogen once turned into the soil at maturity.

How to care for your soil in Winter:

  • Mulch your soils in cool climates to protect them from erosion due to seasonal rainfall.
  • In warm climates, mulching will be all about keeping the soil moist as they head into their dry season.
  • Warm climates find winter to be one of their most productive seasons.
  • If your soil is clay, dig in gypsum, organic compost (Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver) and well-rotted manures (Rocky Point Cow Manure Plus) to break up the clay and unlock nutrients within the soil. This helps improve soil structure and fertility. For sandy soils dig in organic compost and manure to improve nutrient, water retention, and stop leaching.
  • This is a good time to start preparing and planning your gardening projects for the spring and summer seasons ahead.
  • Design new gardens and prepare materials that may be required.
  • Do an inventory of your seedbox, fertilisers and clean garden tools, in readiness for spring.
  • If the soil is poor and you want to start fresh, try RockyPoint Organic Health Garden Soil. A premium mix filled with gypsum, organic compost and fertilisers that will help improve soil structure and give you great drainage. Resetting your garden with a long-lasting nourishing soil right from the start.

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