In Season Ornamentals

Now is a great time to visit your local garden centre and check out their range of bare root roses, conifers, winter flowering and deciduous ornamentals and fruit trees. What is available and what you can grow will depend on your climatic zone and garden situation.

Here are our favourites for you to look out for... 

  1. Conifers
  2. Flowering Peaches, Plums and Cherries.
  3. Crab Apples and weeping mulberries,
  4. Deciduous autumnal coloured foliage trees such as Birch, Liquidamber, Japanese Maples, Chinese Pistachio, Tallowwood and ornamental pears.
  5. Camellias and Magnolias
  6. Wisteria, Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper and Clematis
  7. Flowering natives


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