Plant Profile: Magnolia

Magnolias are a popular choice for formal gardens due to their strong form, flowers and leafy growth, and they grow wonderfully both in ground and in pots.

Profile-MagnoliaMagnolias are prized worldwide for their flowers and forms. Growing as large shrubs or trees, they produce showy, fragrant flowers that are white, pink, red, purple or yellow. Some forms are evergreen with glossy and leathery leaves and some evergreen types have buds, stems and undersides of leaves that are covered with attractive gold to copper to brown felt-like hairs.

Sunlight: Full sun to part shade

Watering: Regular watering

Soil: Well drained soil

Mulching: Magnolias hate being dry, so make the most of every drop by mulching around your magnolia trees and pots to lock in moisture. 

Pruning: Evergreen magnolias can be pruned, but seasonal pruning should be avoided with deciduous varieties unless absolutely necessary.

Varieties: Evergreen: Bull Bay (M. grandiflora), Little Gem (M. grandiflora ‘Little Gem’), Teddy Bear (M. grandiflora “Teddy Bear’), Port Wine (M. figo, syn. Michelia figo).

Deciduous: Black Tulip (M. x soulangeana ‘Black Tulip’), Yulan (M. denudata), Felix (M. Felix)

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