Poppy Love - How to grow Poppies

Poppies are one of the prettiest and most whimsical of all the winter/spring flowering annuals. Their chiffon like petals swaying gently in the breeze are truly a sight to behold on a balmy spring day.

Winter and autumn are the best times to get your poppy seeds and seedlings sown and or planted.

I think for the best display poppies are best planted in large swathes on masse. Bees and butterflies will also love the abundance of pollen rich flowers.

Poppy plants like a full sun position and soil has been prepared with ample amounts of organic matter such as Rocky Point ActivGrow and Rocky Point Cow Manure. Loose well-draining soil is must for poppies as that detest poor draining heavy clay soils you can try Rocky Point Coco Pro.

How to grow Poppies from Seed:

Sow your poppy seeds into Rocky Point Seed and Cutting Mix in trays or sow directly into well prepared soil. Poppies develop a long tap root and don't like being moved so take care when planting out seedlings.

In cooler climates late summer to autumn is the best time to sow seeds and in the warmer subtropics, autumn to early winter.

From Seedlings:

There is a much larger planting window if you plant already established seedlings. Autumn through to early Spring. Remember to take care when planting your poppy seedlings as their roots do not like being disturbed.

For healthy plants and best floral displays mulch after planting, water well and liquid fertilise on a regular basis.

Remove the initial first buds that appear to encourage bushier plants and subsequently more blooms. Remove spent flowers as they occur as this will prolong the flowering.

If growing in pots use Rocky Point Coco Pro for best results.


Iceland poppies are probably the most popular and easiest to some by as seedlings. They come is a variety of pastel colours including bright yellow, deep orange, vibrant pink and white.

Flanders - Traditionally linked to Remembrance Day the Flanders poppies flowers are always red with black centres.

Shirley - like the Iceland poppies but with softer more fluted/ruffled flowers.

Oriental - the largest of all the poppies these flowers are impressive. Generally, only available to be grown from seed.

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