Summer Flowering Bulbs - Start planning and planting now!

Summer Flowering Bulbs are a diverse group of rhizomes, corms, tubers and bulbs that love to flower during the warmer part of the year. Winter is the time to start ordering your bulbs online or purchase at your local garden centre or hardware shop.

Preparing your pots and garden beds should also be done late winter, and planting should occur during late winter and early spring.

Choices: Hippeastrum, Cannas, Dahlias, Gladiola, Pineapple Lily, Liliums, Tuberose.

Some of these aren’t true bulbs but tubers, corms, and rhizomes but they're commonly grouped under the term "summer bulbs”. Most of these fabulous blooms make great cut flowers and they come in an amazing array of vibrant colours, shapes and forms.

The more flower diversity you have in your garden the more biodiversity you will have in beneficial insects and pollinators such as, bees, butterflies and more.


Choose a sunny location and in free draining soil that has been prepared with good quantities of organic matter like Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver.

🌸 Gently place the bulbs in the soil, with the pointed side facing up. Space them according to the recommended distance to allow proper growth and avoid overcrowding.

💦 After planting, water the bulbs thoroughly to settle them in. Be careful not to overwater, as excessive moisture can lead to rotting.

Mulch the top of the garden bed with Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch, and you’re ready to grow.

Keep in mind some types of bulbs will need to be staked, such as dahlias, gladioli and liliums.

If you are growing your bulbs in pots for best results use Rocky Point Coco Pro potting mix.

Fertilising & Water:

Regular watering and fortnightly applications of liquid fertiliser for flowering plants will see optimal blooming.

The addition of regular applications of liquid seaweed will also be beneficial.

💡 Here's a helpful tip:

Bulbs should be planted at a depth that is approximately three times their own size. It's important to follow the specific planting instructions for each type of bulb, as they may vary.

🌼 Keep an eye on your summer flowering bulbs as they grow and bloom into magnificent bursts of color. Regularly water them, especially during dry spells, and remove any weeds that may compete for nutrients.

📸 Don't forget to document your bulb planting journey with some beautiful photos! Share them with us using #SummerBloomsDownUnder. We can't wait to see your garden flourish! 📸🌺

🌿 So, get ready to embrace the summer splendour by planting those bulbs at the right time and following these simple steps. Let your garden bloom with joy! 🌷🌞

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