Plant Profile: Summer Squash

Summer Squash makes a speedy plant to harvest in your garden, taking only around 6-7 weeks before you’ll have fruit and be in the kitchen.

Related to the melon family of cucurbits, they are fabulous eating and an relatively easy addition to your garden.

Profile-SummerSquashSunlight: Squash plants will thrive in an area with plenty of direct sunlight.

Watering: It's important to water these plants regularly, concentrating on the soil surrounding the plant, rather than the leaves as excess water on the leaves can lead to the growth of powdery mildew.

Soil: When planting out squash, ensure you create a mound in the garden of plenty of organic matter like compost or ActivGrow Soil Improver.

Mulching: As squash like their soil moist, it’s ideal to mulch to make the most of every drop! Pick an light coloured mulch like Sugar Cane, Lucerne or Pea Straw.

Flowering & Fruiting: Male and female flowers form separately on squash plants, so you will need bees to pollinate for fruiting, or you can hand pollinate as well.

Varieties: Green Tint, Yellow Bush Scallop, Custard White, and Golden Scallopini


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