Plant Profile: Jacaranda

Late spring and early summer there is a sight recognized by any Australian – the purple flowers of the Jacaranda lining streets and gardens.

Profile-JacarandaNative to Brazil, these beautiful trees can reach heights of 10-15m and spread around the same in their canopy.

Sunlight: Jacarandas love a sunny position, full sun will suit them just fine.

Watering: Regular watering is needed, especially in the hot summer months

Soil: They appreciated a fertile soil that’s well drained. Add plenty of organic matter like ActivGrow Soil Improver or Garden Soil prior to planting.

Mulching: Keep your tree happy in summer months by adding a good layer (around 50mm) around the root base of the tree with an organic-material mulch like Pine Bark Mulch. Ensure the ground is moist already when you mulch.

Pruning: Forget about it! When you prune a jacaranda, it sends up vertical shoots and you’ll never get it’s natural umbrella shape back.

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